The Most Configurable AI-Powered QMS

The Most Configurable AI-Powered QMS

Power-up your QMS with AI to drive productivity and quality. Optimize processes, ensure audit readiness and compliance, and reduce costs with an AI-enabled quality management system.

With Intellect AI™, the future is here – intelligent, intuitive, and ready to elevate your business. Use AI in your QMS to drive efficiency and productivity in all quality management initiatives. An integration with OpenAI makes complex tasks more manageable, faster, and precise. Learn how we keep your data secure here.

Experience Intellect’s 1st Generation AI-Powered QMS

<p><strong>Ensure audit readiness with AI</strong></p>

Ensure audit readiness with AI

Accurate and speedy responses to audit inquiries right at your staff’s fingertips. Ace those audits.

<p><strong>Consult industry best practices </strong></p>

Consult industry best practices

Regularly verify that your processes are compliant with the most recent industry standards and regulations.

<p>Automate risk assessments &amp; NCs</p>

Automate risk assessments & NCs

Use AI to address nonconformances quickly. Maintain the integrity of production processes and boost product quality.

<p>Reduce errors and duplicate work</p>

Reduce errors and duplicate work

Imagine the labor savings and impact on Cost of Quality! Free up your staff to build a quality culture.

<p>Harness AI-driven insights</p>

Harness AI-driven insights

Make better-informed decisions with AI. Period.

<p>Save time, lower costs with AI</p>

Save time, lower costs with AI

Instruct Intellect AI™ to review and analyze your documents, create time-saving summaries training quizzes, and more.

The 3 Levels of AI in Quality Management

1. First level: text-based AI integration

The first level of AI in quality management involves integrating a text-based generative AI tool to help your staff:

  • Mitigate risk of NCRs during external audits
  • Drive productivity and quality improvements
  • Spend less time on admin work and build your quality culture
  • Improve ISO and FDA audit performance by finding answers quickly
  • Instantly verify if your procedures align with ISO 9001:2015 or FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards

Instead of laboriously reading complex documents, tell Intellect AI™, “Summarize the recent non-conformance in 25 words or less,” or “Draft a quiz for this training manual.”

2. Next-level benefits of AI in QMS systems

The second level of AI in quality management involves using data to inform real-time reporting and decision-making.

  • Want a six-month trend of non-conformities? Ask AI.
  • Need real-time updates on quality metrics? AI has you covered.
  • Identify defect trends and focus on preventive actions
  • Compare your performance against industry benchmarks

3. The ultimate use of AI in highly-regulated manufacturing facilities and labs

AI will continue to bolster quality control and assurance, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, risk management, employee training, skill gap analysis, and document management. In the future, AI will lean further into predictive maintenance, predictive analytics, energy optimization, and real-time decision making.

Building a Quality-First Culture with AI

Imagine a world where your Quality team doesn’t waste hours digging through documents. With AI, that’s possible! Let AI do the heavy lifting, summarizing huge datasets, freeing your team to innovate and nurture a quality-centric environment.

AI won’t replace your staff. Instead, it will help them make better choices and provide more time to focus on innovation, continuous improvement, and building a stellar quality culture.

Intellect’s Vision for the Future

You can imagine what the next year looks like on our roadmap – we don’t aspire to be just another AI-Powered Quality Management Solution. Our goal is to help you establish and grow a culture of quality, innovation, and compliance powered by software solutions that enable choice, flexibility, and digitalization without being over-complicated or burning a hole in your pockets. AI is just part of this goal.