Our Story

Our Story

Intellect provides highly configurable QMS and EHSQ software solutions to help businesses across sectors such as electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, government, automotive, energy, and chemical manufacturing reduce their Cost of Quality (CoQ), improve operational excellence, and meet ISO, FDA, OSHA, EPA, and GxP compliance.

A highly versatile, drag-and-drop, no-code platform allows customers to use over 30 pre-built quality and compliance apps or build their own without IT assistance.

Founded in 2000, our vision is to empower any person in any company to continually improve, automate and grow their business.

Our values

Collaboration and teamwork

Be helpful, build trust and transparency, communicate openly, provide constructive feedback, and be respectful

Customer success

Innovate, be process driven and customer focused


Take initiative, fail forward, learn and drive decisions with data

Have fun

Celebrate, appreciate and create the environment we want

Leadership team

Heather Preu

Chief Executive Officer

High energy, forward-thinking business strategist leading transformative teams, fostering winning cultures, and delivering world-class solutions to customers.

<p>Heather Preu</p>

Brendan Crotty

COO/Chief Customer Officer

As a transformational leader and senior-level executive, I bring deep experience in developing leading-edge capabilities and success in product management.

<p>Brendan Crotty</p>

Peter Hargittay

Chief Marketing Officer & VP of Business Development

I enjoy helping customers achieve their quality, compliance, & continuous improvement goals.

<p>Peter Hargittay</p>

Selim Ozyel

Chief Technology Officer

I’m focused on building the most intuitive, innovative, and empowering QMS software solution in the industry.

<p>Selim Ozyel</p>

Sheila Rue

Vice President, Sales Strategy and Quality

I am dedicated to leading transformative change and creating evidence-based value for our clients.

<p>Sheila Rue</p>

Sarah Sartore

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

I strive to build partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure the company’s current and future success.

<p>Sarah Sartore</p>

Larry Jaeger

Senior VP of Sales

Successfully solving quality and compliance challenges for customers is my passion.

<p>Larry Jaeger</p>

Sean Wetherell

Chief Product Officer

My passion is helping clients succeed by building products that drive business impact and customers love.

<p>Sean Wetherell</p>

Board of Directors

Romeo Elias

Chairman of the Board

My goal is to empower innovators by enhancing and automating complex business processes, making their everyday tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

<p>Romeo Elias</p>

Heather Preu

Chief Executive Officer, Intellect

I bring high energy and a forward-looking perspective to lead transformative teams, nurture cultures of success, and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

<p>Heather Preu</p>

Hillary Fleischer

Partner, Strattam Capital

With a background at KKR and Lazard, I now concentrate on identifying new deals, managing new investments, and overseeing our portfolio companies at Strattam.

<p>Hillary Fleischer</p>

Bill Pade

Chairman, Strattam Capital

As a director for three Strattam companies, my experience spans from Oak Hill Capital Partners to McKinsey & Company, where I was a Managing Director.

<p>Bill Pade</p>

Phil Koen

Chairman of the Board, Contegix

Beyond my responsibilities at Contegix, I offer guidance to various venture capital and private equity-backed businesses.

<p>Phil Koen</p>
Our mission is to empower

Our mission is to empower

We are a technology company on a mission to offer a user-friendly, no-code platform with industry leading QMS and EHSQ apps ready to use out-of-the-box (OOTB) and to provide businesses the power to grow and establish a culture of innovation, quality and compliance.

At Intellect, we take the word configurability seriously. By delivering extreme configurability, our software enables customers and partners to achieve compliance, continuous improvement, and better results.

Read about our IMS policy.