Best User Friendly QMS Solutions Based on Customer Ratings

Best User Friendly QMS Solutions Based on Customer Ratings

Author Peter Hargittay

We live in a world where we’re increasingly immersed in digital technology. As a matter of course, that has required us to figure out how to interact effectively with computers and other digital devices. Over the past few years, as software has grown more and more complex, a great deal of attention has been focused on the overall user experience.
There are some very important reasons for this intensive focus on usability. A well-designed user experience allows for less training & support, results in fewer errors, and provides for more efficient use of the software in general. So, what does user-friendly software mean?
User-friendly describes a hardware device or software interface that is easy to use. It is “friendly” to the user, meaning it is not difficult to learn or understand.
Due to the importance and popularity of the “Ease to Use” feature, almost all review sites make sure to allow people to rate the user-friendliness of software solutions. Usually, software having high ratings on user-friendliness is highly considered and adopted by people looking for a simple, easy-to-learn, and use system.
Below are the best user-friendly QMS solutions in the market, based on customers’ ratings that we found on Capterra review sites.

*Listed by Alphabetical Order

Compliance Quest
Compliance Quest Quality Management System (QMS) is a cloud-based solution that accelerates product innovation with a steadfast focus on driving continuous improvement across the organization. It empowers enterprises to manage quality by collaborating with their supply chains whether global or local, to stay compliant with industry and customer-specific regulations.
“Ease of Use” rating: 4.7 stars based on 30 Customer Reviews

Etq Reliance
ETQ QMS is a cloud-based quality management solution with a focus on environmental health and safety. ETQ Reliance offers built-in best practices and powerful flexibility to drive business excellence through quality. ETQ lets customers configure industry-proven quality processes to their unique needs and business vision.
“Ease of Use” rating: 4.3 Stars based on 22 Customer Reviews

Greenlight Guru
Greenlight Guru offers a QMS solution for medical device companies to help them get products faster and risk-free to the market. This QMS helps medical manufacturers to simplify regulatory compliance and provide a single source of truth, by connecting the management of all product development, regulatory, and quality processes from documentation and design controls to submission and ongoing compliance.
“Ease of Use” rating: 4.3 stars based on 65 Customer Reviews

Intellect is a user-friendly cloud-based software solution built for organizations in highly regulated industries with a need for continuous improvement and automation. Intellect EHQS is an integrated and comprehensive quality management and environmental health and safety solution built on the Intellect Compliance Platform; a no-code platform that offers extreme configurability for highly regulated industries. The aim of the Intellect Compliance Platform is to empower quality and compliance leaders to automate business processes, improve operational efficiencies and decision making, avoid costly mistakes, and increase customer satisfaction.
“Ease of Use” rating: 4.5 stars based on 53 Customer Reviews

MasterControl provides a QMS Software Solution that helps life science companies comply more efficiently with the FDA and ISO quality standards. MasterControl QMS is an integrated cloud-based solution that automates quality processes and eliminates paper-based ones. It also enables the company to get products to market faster at a reduced cost, and increased efficiency.
“Ease of Use” rating: 4.1 stars based on 87 Customer Reviews

To choose the right QMS software for your company, we recommend that you get in touch with different vendors, ask whatever question you have, and request a free demo from providers that have this option (like Intellect). Last, after gathering information from different vendors, compare then decide. Consider that configurability, efficiency, user-friendliness, and transparency are important features to look for when choosing the right QMS for your business.

If you are a small and midsize (SMB) company in a highly regulated industry, we recommend a highly configurable QMS solution that does not require coding and is easy to use such as Intellect QMS. You can request a demo or contact our experts to know more.

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