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Author Ryhana Fadous

“The customer is always right”, this famous saying by Harry Gordon Selfridge sums up the importance of customer success in business world. After all, Customers are the ultimate asset for any organization that was to succeedAnd, having a strong customer retention strategy has become vital for the modern business. According to research by Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by only 5% increases a company’s profits by 25-95%.   

As business owners and managerscustomer success has become the north star.  All you want is customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer retention and customer acquisition. On the other hand, you don’t want complaints to happen, as you think they are associated with customer churn. We got it right, didn’t we? Well, we will prove the opposite. Formal complaint handling can be one of the best customer retention strategies. 

 How Complaints Handling Delivers Customer Retention? 

Studies have proven that customers who complain and end up recovering, can be more satisfied and loyal than the ones who didn’t register any complaintWhy? Simply, because if you have a good complaint handling process, it’s an opportunity for you to show how professional you are, how caring you are and how important s/he is to you. A well implemented complaint handling process can have a positive effect on customer retention. Not to mention that, organizations are most likely to improve customer retention when having not only a clear complaints’ handling process that is compliant with ISO 10002 guidelines, but also a documented one. This will also help in future predictions. Nowadays, documenting complaints handling process and complaints cases become easier; with the availability of advanced complaints management software, like the one we offer at Intellect. To have a wider notion on the importance of complaints management systems and their role in documenting complaints; we will be tackling the features of Intellect’s Complaint Management QMS Software. 

 Features of Intellect’s Complaint Management Software 

Complaint Management is a management technique for assessing, analyzing, and responding to customer complaints. Complaints management software is used to record, resolve, and respond to customer complaints effectively.

 Intellect created a highly configurable complaint management system believing that complaint management means customer success. Intellect designed a software with many beneficial features to help optimize customer satisfaction and retention. 

1- Easy Tracking 

The Intellect CAPA analytics console associated with the complaints’ management software   offers a dynamic and real-time tracking on all CAPA activities: created, in progress and closed by each user. 

2- RealTime Reporting 

Analytics and charts are provided on a company level. The analytics and charts give valuable insights on all corrective actions that were taken by year, Location, classification, complaint deposition and escalations, nonconformance and much more. 

3- Alerts and Notification

An automated complaint management system that can be set-up to alert FDA and global regulatory agencies about nonconformance. In the case of complaints about death and serious injuries, formal reporting as required by 21 CFR Part 820.198 and 21 CFR Part 606.170 must be done. Intellect system is here to facilitate the complaint handling process.  

4- Versatility

Intellect complaint management QMS includes change management, automation, version control, and workflows to communicate, acknowledge, track, and then implement any requirements. 

5- Integrable and Customizable

Intellect’s complaint management system solution is adaptable and can integrate with over 500 systems. It is also highly customizable that you can create the desired workflow with ease. 


Customers will always be and will always remain companies’ primary concern whatever the type of business. Whether a service business or product one, ensure a proper and well documented complaints management process within your organization, to increase customer retention and decrease customer churn.   

A complaints management software is indeed a suitable and perfect solution for you to consider in this area. 

Ryhana Fadous

Written by Ryhana Fadous