Configurathon for building business apps with no programming

Configurathon for building business apps with no programming

Author Romeo Elias

Everyone seems to be talking about hackathon competitions these days and the programmers who huddle together in teams to code apps in a short amount of time (usually a few days) and present them to judges.  The concept is really cool and fosters innovation and an outlet for programmers with ideas to demonstrate their creativity and programming skills. 

We loved this concept and wanted to provide a similar outlet for the rest of us with ideas, but who are not programmers and don’t have as much time.  So we started a similar competition last year during our annual customer conference:  The Configurathon™.  The concept is very similar to a hackathon except for 3 main differences:

  • It is open to anyone, not just programmers, as there is no programming involved.
  • The apps are built on Intellect through drag and drop configuration (hence the name).
  • The total competition time is 2 hours, with the first half hour used for setup and going over the rules. 

The results are amazing!  Last year’s winner was a CRM mobile app that blew the judges away with its ease of use and richness of features, not to mention that it was built from scratch in just 1.5 hours.   This year’s winner built an event agenda management mobile app.  This one was especially astonishing given the competitor had just taken the basic training course in the conference and joined the competition on the third day. She had no prior experience in building apps in any platform, let alone Intellect.

We’re really excited about the Configurathon™ and look forward to future events and what the competitors will come up with next. If you’d like to learn more and create a Proof of Concept app with Intellect, click here for a free trial.