Digitize QMS With No Code Software

Digitize QMS With No Code Software

Since the dawn of the industrial age, companies of all sizes have struggled to have a quality management system and processes in place.
The information age ushered in various quality management system solutions, helping to alleviate some of the numerous challenges such as the growing number of strict compliance standards that companies needed to adhere to.
However, as diverse companies are born and made, it became clear that individual enterprises had different methods of approaching their document control as well as their quality management processes. It also made obvious that some “out-of-the-box” QMS solutions did not often meet the needs of enterprises with complex processes.
Thus, Intellect was born out of those challenges and complex needs.

About Intellect:

We are a specialized QMS solutions provider with 20 years of success and experience in the industry. Read our Story
We operate on many continents of the world, and we offer the most configurable enterprise Quality Management Software (QMS) that empowers both businesses and people.
• Businesses:
To create a culture of quality
To succeed in their digital transformation,
To achieve compliance,
To deliver better results
• People
To implement a culture of quality
To innovate

No matter the industry whether manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceutical, labs, nutraceutical, services & logistics, government, cosmetics, cannabis, or F&B… no matter the kind of processes involved, our no-code QMS platform adapts to the needs of its users, enabling our customers to easily build customized processes tailored to their needs while ensuring their processes conform to the compliance challenges they face.

Our vision and mission:

We worked hard throughout the past years, and we are still in work to achieve our vision and mission, which revolves around businesses and people.
• Vision statement
To empower any person in any company to continually improve, automate and grow their business.
• Mission statement
To offer a user-friendly, no-code development platform with industry solutions that provide businesses the power to grow and establish a culture of innovation, quality, and compliance.

Our values:

Our employees, of all levels, share the same values that bring us closer to achieving our vision.
• Collaboration and Teamwork
Be helpful, build trust and transparency, communicate openly, provide constructive feedback, and be respectful.
• Customer success
Innovate, be process-driven and customer-focused
• Action
Take initiative, fail forward, learn, and drive decisions with data
• Have fun
Celebrate, appreciate, and create the environment we want

Discover what Intellect’s no-code QMS platform can do for your enterprise and see how meeting your compliance challenges are made easier with Intellect.