Implementing QMS with Intellect

Implementing QMS with Intellect

Author Peter Hargittay

What to Expect on your Journey to QMS Excellence

At Intellect’s recent Innovate 2022 conference, we heard one of our customers describe their QMS implementation as a “great experience.” That’s actually pretty typical of Intellect customers, and it’s a very telling statement, – especially in light of the challenges many organizations face when they roll out new software. Intellect’s customers view their Intellect QMS implementation as a great experience, with a long-term positive impact on their organizational culture, process efficiency, and bottom-line profitability.

Unfortunately, many software implementation projects have a reputation for being tedious, time-consuming, and fraught with risk. That’s especially true when the technology touches upon mission-critical business processes like quality management.

If you choose Intellect as the best QMS software for your company, you’ll get a different experience. We work with our customers to understand their goals and aspirations, then to empower them to use our software to its fullest potential. We’re not successful until you’re happy with the results. Here’s what you can expect:

Implementation as a Partnership

The idea of rolling out a single technology platform to manage QMS can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. Many of Intellect’s customers have little or no experience with enterprise-grade software. Very often, they’re transitioning from paper-based systems, Excel spreadsheets, and homegrown databases that simply aren’t serving them well any longer.

Designing and building a technology framework for quality management is a formidable undertaking. Success begins with flexible, configurable software that is easy to learn and use, – but for Intellect, delivering great software is only half the battle. In order for our customers to truly succeed, they need a partner who will stick with them throughout the implementation process.

Intellect’s team of quality management specialists works with each client to understand their business processes, including what works and what doesn’t. They take the time to understand the organization’s key objectives, constraints, and challenges. Not only do they have deep experience with quality management, – they also understand the nuances of regulatory compliance, quality standards such as ISO 9001, and the common challenges associated with transitioning your organization to a new way of working.

We train and coach our customers to be empowered, independent “owners” of their QMS system. We’re there for you when you need us; but our goal is never simply to rack up billable hours. Our ultimate objective is to empower you and your team to do great things with our software.

A Phased Approach

As with many projects, it’s often a good idea to roll out your QMS software in stages. We work with our clients to identify high-value outcomes that can be achieved relatively quickly; then we prioritize next steps to continue delivering incremental value over time.

One of our customers, for example, was wasting a great deal of time managing paper-based documents. Approval processes required a physical signature, which often involved chasing down the right person. Once approved, a document was entered into a spreadsheet, then scanned and uploaded to a portal. Older versions were pulled from a physical file, marked as obsolete, and replaced with the new version. Managing all of this was nearly a full-time job.

By digitizing the entire process, this customer was able to eliminate a tremendous amount of wasteful effort. We worked with them to set up approvals in Intellect using automated workflows and electronic signatures. Intellect maintains document versioning and makes all the information available to users online, wherever they may be located.

By producing high-value outcomes early on, our clients can demonstrate the merits of the project. That builds confidence and helps to establish buy-in.

There is a second benefit as well, though. As our customers start using Intellect QMS, they begin to understand just how much is possible. When they see Intellect’s extreme configurability and no-code capabilities in action, they start to see new possibilities for using our software to solve other business problems. Very often, that includes processes that fall outside of quality management.

Although a phased approach to implementation might not be for everyone, we have found that the customers who use it are very happy with the results. They’re able to learn more about Intellect’s capabilities and apply that knowledge to subsequent phases in their implementation.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Intellect incorporates a complete range of quality management and environment, health & safety (EH&S) modules. Many of our customers begin by implementing document control, complaint management, and nonconformance, – then add functions such as CAPA or Supplier Management after the initial implementation is complete.

Although most of our customers begin their implementation process with specific goals in mind, they inevitably discover new ways that they can use Intellect’s platform to improve their business processes. As they get to know our software, they begin to see new possibilities. Our primary goal is to help our customers meet their initial objectives, – but we ultimately want to help them understand our product and use it to its fullest potential.

Intellect’s no-code capabilities are a game-changer. A lot of our customers say things like “I have limited experience with computers,” or “I’m not a very technical person.” In fact, these statements frequently come from the quality management leaders who bear ultimate responsibility for the success of their QMS technology initiatives. These leaders understand exactly how QMS platforms should work in their own organizations; they simply need a system that will adapt to they way they operate.

Before long, these “non-technical” quality leaders find that they can configure Intellect to handle many of the functions that were previously managed using manual processes. That includes building custom mobile apps, configuring forms and screens to conform to the precise needs of their users, or creating training & certification recordkeeping systems to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Inevitably, Intellect’s customers come to understand that there is so much more that they can achieve with our software than they ever imagined. As a long-term partner in our customers’ success, Intellect is there to help them achieve those goals.

If your organization is seeking QMS software that offers flexibility, ease of use, and outstanding customers service, we’d love to talk. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.