Importance of Advanced QMS in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Importance of Advanced QMS in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality Management System (QMS) is very important in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether small, mid, or large-sized companies, a good QMS is very crucial when it comes to life-sciences industries in general and pharmaceutical drug manufacturing industries in particular. It is no secret that regulations and inspections are very strict in the above-mentioned industries. Producing quality drugs is a huge responsibility and to succeed in it, the right Quality Management System is needed to support the processes. The latter should be focused on consistently meeting customer-specific requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction in the most cost-effective manner.

Factors to be considered

Quality Management System (QMS) for the pharmaceutical industry is designed and developed keeping in view considering various factors i.e. organizational priorities, operational processes, quality policies, and rules. The quality policy specifically in the life sciences industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Medical Devices, etc. Operates under ISO 9001:2015 and other stringent regulatory standards and compliance guidelines, which define their Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Below you will discover the top 5 reasons why Pharma Quality Management Systems are crucial in pharmaceutical companies:

1- Lessen the risk of errors

Who doesn’t want to reduce the risk of errors? obviously nobody. Investing in the right Quality Management System (QMS) solution will help your company reduce errors made when producing products. More chances of errors will occur when there is no system that facilitates communication between employees. Because the availability of a QMS help employees feel more involved and therefore each one of them will better understand his role and responsibilities.
Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes are at risk of doing mistakes without QMS in place. With an advanced QMS, everyone understands the tasks they need while completing a project.

2- Reducing costs

Reducing errors will reduce costs, how is that? Errors are costly because errors do not only waste money producing products that do not meet standards but also waste employees’ time.
Time invested in redoing work because of error is considered costly time because errors take time far from other important tasks that must be accomplished. An advanced QMS put everything in place. It makes production more efficient and employees more productive. With an advanced QMS, you will be able to see in a short time an increase in your organization’s profits and better workforce performance.

3- Developing a culture of quality

An advanced Quality Management System will help your company improve in many ways. As mentioned above it reduces errors and costs, also supports data integrity, identifies, and resolves issues, ensures trained and engaged employees, and much more. In brief, an effective QMS in the pharmaceutical industry will help your organization develop a culture of quality.

4- Encouraging you to upgrade

Our advice to you is to follow the technology without hesitation.
A quality management system (QMS) encourages your companies to stay updated, with the aim to improve your operations. It makes it easier to identify areas where you ought to change. Technologies may also change, requiring you to adopt and adapt by upgrading your system to run more smoothly and achieve more. So, implementing an advanced QMS is a great place to begin, but keep in mind that the work doesn’t end there. It would be best if you always referred to our advice.

5- Enhancing customer satisfaction

Customer is always the key! Having an advanced QMS for your pharma company will help you achieve the goal of making your customer’s live better. Ensuring that you’re producing high-quality products that are up to standards means you’re delivering better products to your customers. Therefore, you are contributing to making their lives better. Customer satisfaction is more important for companies, as they give your company positive reviews, which leads to a good reputation and increase sales.

Intellect QMS helps to enable compliance

Intellect can help enable your organization to effectively comply with 21 CFT Part 11, GxP, and other industries and regulations. Intellect offers a comprehensive and highly configurable QMS solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and laboratory organizations.
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