Press Release: Intellect Launches AI-Powered Quality and Safety Management Software

Press Release: Intellect Launches AI-Powered Quality and Safety Management Software

Intellect AI™ provides assistance to automate tasks, reduce errors and risks, improve decision-making, and increase business agility. Boost productivity, save time, and improve audit performance.

Los Angeles, CA, September 28, 2023 — Intellect, a disruptive provider of highly configurable AI-powered QMS and EHSQ software solutions, today announced the launch of Intellect AI™, an AI assistant that makes quality and safety more efficient, saves time, decreases errors, and creates insights to improve decision making and operations. Intellect AI™ combines decades of Intellect’s quality and safety data and no code platform with new AI technologies, including OpenAI and ChatGPT, to help drive productivity, efficiency, decision-making, and operational improvements.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce Intellect AI™ and to further empower our customers,” said, Romeo Elias, President and CEO of Intellect. “Today, Intellect AI™ includes chat and document review capabilities built into our no code platform, and designed to help reduce labor and operational costs, decrease errors and risks, and provide new insights as a virtual assistant. Additional planned AI features will allow designers to create applications in Intellect that leverage AI tools in their quality processes as they see fit.  Furthermore, our roadmap includes AI capabilities that will enable customers to analyze datasets in Intellect, assist designers with configuration changes, predict failures and problems before they happen, and identify poor performance.”

Intellect AI™ marks the beginning of Intellect’s journey to embed AI into its no code compliance platform, setting the stage for an even more intelligent and intuitive system that empowers customers to grow and establish a culture of innovation, quality and compliance. With this innovation, Intellect continues to lead in pioneering code-free QMS and EHSQ software solutions that keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of growing businesses.

New AI QMS capabilities announced today include:

  • AI Chat: Users can engage with an intelligent AI chat that offers real-time assistance, answers questions, and provides guidance based on industry best practices throughout their quality management processes.
  • AI Document Review: Ask Intellect AI™ to review, analyze, and extract important data from business documents, and to provide audit answers, summaries, analysis, or create new content such as a quiz based on the analyzed documents.

Intellect is continuing to bring innovative AI capabilities to market in future releases. Planned future capabilities will put AI into the hands of a designer to help them modify or build new applications on the Intellect no-code compliance platform in ways that are unique to their organization. Additional future capabilities include the ability to leverage AI to analyze datasets in Intellect, predictive and prescriptive insights to improve operations, and private AI options.

Sean Wetherell, Intellect’s Chief Product Officer, shared his excitement on this advancement: “You can imagine what the next year looks like on our roadmap – we don’t aspire to be just another AI-Powered Quality Management Solution. Our overarching goal is to help companies establish and grow a culture of quality, innovation, and compliance powered by software solutions that enable choice, flexibility, and digitalization without being over-complicated. AI is just part of this goal.”

To learn more about Intellect’s vision for AI and QMS software, watch Intellect’s webinar, How AI is Reshaping Quality and Operations Management.

About Intellect

Intellect provides highly configurable and AI-powered QMS and EHSQ software solutions to help businesses across regulated sectors such as electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, government, automotive, energy, and chemical manufacturing reduce their Cost of Quality (CoQ), improve operational excellence, and meet ISO, FDA, OSHA, EPA, and GxP compliance. A highly versatile, drag-and-drop, no-code compliance platform allows customers to use over 30 pre-built quality and safety apps and to build their own apps with no coding required. Founded in 2000, its vision is to empower any person in any company to continually improve, automate and grow their business. To learn more, please visit

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