Intellect | Blog | Qualities of a Quality Manager

Intellect | Blog | Qualities of a Quality Manager

Author Peter Hargittay

Quality managers often shoulder all the responsibility for implementing a culture of quality within organizations. Not to mention their big roles in having their companies acquire and maintain the compliance certifications. Even though people fail to see it, we can assure that impactful quality managers have a huge and positive effect on enterprises’ financial results. Quality managers deal with day-to-day issues from customer complaints, external audits, stocks blocks… some faced problems are easy to solve others seem to be complicated. What determine the success of quality managers in solving the challenges efficiently is simply their own characteristics. Having the qualities of impactful quality managers will ensure that every time an unfavorable situation is converted into a favorable one.

In this blog we will cover 7 important qualities to step away from reactive quality management to becoming an impactful quality manager who delivers amazing results to the company.

1- Professionalism

Professionalism is a wide concept that includes many areas. However, in our case, what we mean by the professionalism of a quality manager is when the latter is well-versed in management principles and know-how. Adding to it having a vast knowledge in the filed concerned.

2- High Sense of Achievement

Impactful quality managers always believe they can do any task perfectly, control any situation regardless its severity, improve their organizations, their teams and themselves. In short, they have a high sense of achievement.

3- Analytical Skills

It is no surprise that in research we have a qualitative approach named after “quality”. Quality managers work in complex situations that is ruled by many variants and factors. Thus, he must have high analytical skills to interpret every situation, identify factors, and come up with the right solutions.

4- Rational Decision-making 

A good quality manager does not make any decisions without identifying the problem, establishing decision criteria, generating and evaluation alternatives. So, quality managers should be rational decision makers who make decisions after careful analysis.

5- Interpersonal Skills

Excellent communication is one of the must- have skills of an impactful quality manager. Because quality managers should understand others and be understood by others. Especially that in organizations, quality manager does not only liaise with his team but with different employees and stakeholders.

6- High Ethics

Impactful quality managers adopt ethical practices when dealing with any problem and taking any decision. They also expect others to have high integrity.

7- Innovative Solutions

Good quality managers are often aware that there is no one solution fits all. Being rational decision makers, they must be innovative to conceive unique alternatives to the solution of a problem.

Many more qualities determine the success of a quality manager, but in this blog post, we highlighted the top ones. If you are interested in quality related topics, we invite you to read our different blogs that cover everything you need to know about quality culture.