To configure or to Use off the shelf applications, that is the question

To configure or to Use off the shelf applications, that is the question

Author Romeo Elias

On behalf of Michael Edell

Today, standardized applications or “out of the box software,” as they are commonly referred to, still play an important role in the software industry. But, what does the future hold for these rigid applications?

At Interneer, we believe the customer demands for more flexibility and control are dramatically altering the market, requiring software vendors to try to keep pace with the constant changes that businesses undergo. This has been a difficult, if not an impossible task, which has been met with expensive customization options, multiple releases or revisions to base software, or by simply throwing bodies at the problem.

Some companies have chosen to extend current off the shelf applications with very low level programming tools or development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio, or Sun’s Java products. These options always require experienced programmers and systems people. Use of these types of tools over time often requires that the applications are replaced due to changes in business practices as well as changes in programming staff.

This has created a huge market for technologies like Interneer’s Instant Application Platform and other platform systems. Interneer’s concept of providing a platform to configure and deploy web-based applications quickly and easily for the enterprise, without the need for programming, has given companies more control and choices than what has been available in the market, until now.

Companies can purchase basic solution templates with all the “source” configurations enabling them to make changes in-house or bring in third party service providers to make necessary revisions. Unlike “out of the box software” which is difficult or impossible to extend, this approach is one that gives each company a choice on which direction that it wishes to go and how it will continue to derive value out of the applications it creates today and the modifications needed over time.

It remains to be seen how quickly the market will move away from off the shelf applications and which technologies will move there first, but the train has left the station and we plan on being a big part of this movement.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Michael Edell