Top 6 CAPA Software of 2021 Based on Rating and Customer Reviews

Top 6 CAPA Software of 2021 Based on Rating and Customer Reviews

Author Peter Hargittay

What is CAPA Software?
CAPA is an abbreviation of Corrective and Preventive Action. CAPA software is a data collection and analyzing tool that enables businesses to solve and eliminate nonconformities and discrepancies, that are found in processes, products… Hence the importance of CAPA software.
CAPA’s are usually adopted in pharmaceutical, medical devices, F&B, chemicals, and other industries. Worth noting that various regulations and standards require a company to have a CAPA software.
Being one of the leaders in the market, Intellect has CAPA application as part of its advanced QMS software. Intellect’s CAPA software is a must as it does not only solve quality-related issues but also reduces audit time, decreases risk, and improves quality.
We are listing below the best CAPA solutions in the market based on ratings from customer reviews (at least 40 reviews), retrieved from Software Advice, to help you compare and choose the one that suits your business best.
*Listed by Alphabetical Order

1- Cortify
Cority offers a cloud-based, enterprise quality management and compliance software solution. It is suitable for manufacturers. Core process functions within Cority include supplier quality, customer complaints, nonconformance, corrective actions, document control, employee training and competency, PPAP, FMEA, audit management, equipment maintenance, gauge calibrations, inspections, SPC, and more.
Star Classification/rating: 4.3 based on 81 customer reviews

2- Greenlight Guru
Greenlight Guru is a cloud-based quality management solution designed specifically for the medical device industry. It provides premarket and post-market solutions which are Greenlight Go and Greenlight Grow. Key features include design control, risk management, audit management, complaint management, change management, and training management.
Star Classification/rating: 4.5 based on 65 customer reviews

3- Intellect
Intellect eQMS is a no-code cloud-based enterprise quality management solution that helps organizations across various industries to manage the quality and compliance of critical business procedures. Features include document control, complaint management, change management, supplier management, nonconformance, feedback management, risk management, and more. Intellect eQMS is built on the Intellect Compliance Platform, a no-code platform that enables non-programmers to modify or build new business applications using drag-and-drop technology. Intellect eQMS enables users to create, track and maintain conformance records, ensure compliance with management records, and assign follow-up tasks for corrective and preventive actions (CAPA).
Star Classification/rating: 4.5 based on 49 customer reviews

4-MasterControl Quality Excellence
MasterControl Quality Excellence is a QMS Software that enables customers to manage their quality and compliance processes and get their products to market at reduced cost with efficiency, regardless of the various regulations they face. The core application in the MasterControl suite integrates all quality processes including change control, customer complaints, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and audits.
Star Classification/rating: 4.5 based on 87 customer reviews

QT9 Quality Management Software is a web-based QMS software. QT9 Quality Management Software allows users to set up email reminders to keep employees on track to finish project modules within time limits. Users can also track nonconforming products, corrective actions taken by employees, document control, training, and other quality modules electronically through the QMS system.
Star Classification/rating: 4.5 based on 46 customer reviews

Qualtrax is quality management and compliance software that helps enterprises train employees and manage accreditations, documents, and other business processes. Qualtrax enables enterprises to access and update documents, automate workflows, track employees’ training, and store audit data in a centralized repository.
Star Classification/rating: 5 based on 53 customer reviews

Which CAPA Software is the best?
The 6 CAPA software listed above are trusted by customers and have high ratings between 4.5 and 5 over 5.
To choose the right QMS with CAPA application for your company, we recommend that you get in touch with different vendors, ask whatever question you have, and request a free demo from providers that have this option (Like Intellect). Last, after gathering information from different vendors, compare then decide. Consider that configurability, efficiency, user-friendliness, and transparency are important features to look for when making a decision.
If you are a mid-size company with limited IT resources, looking for a highly configurable and no-code QMS solution with a robust CAPA application, and more, we recommend Intellect’s QMS. You can request a demo or contact our experts to know more.

What’s next?

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