How to Achieve Operational Excellence with CAPA

How to Achieve Operational Excellence with CAPA

Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) is a critical quality application that is instrumental in achieving operational excellence. CAPA improves product quality and safety, increases customer success, and yet decreases the risks such as product recalls. With the right CAPA program, you can improve quality and business processes, uncover and solve process and quality problems, and develop new preventative actions to avoid issues in the future.

But how do you achieve operational excellence with CAPA?

Build CAPA to fit your exact business needs

Every business has unique processes and business requirements, and these needs often change as organizations develop new products, respond to competitors, and adhere to new standards and regulatory requirements. An efficient and effective CAPA program will leverage a robust pre-built application built on best practices and be easy to modify.

When CAPA is aligned with quality, compliance, and strategic objectives, an organization can achieve harmony across the enterprise, and establish a foundation for operational excellence. The latest trend in quality management is smart quality automation, which goes way beyond traditional QMS software solutions that offer customization and configurability.

The benefits of CAPA with smart quality automation

Smart quality automation is the next wave in quality management software. It’s designed to provide smarter quality, hyper-adaptive flexibility, and actionable analytics enabling faster decisions, and better products. Some of the benefits of CAPA with smart quality automation include:

Reduce product recalls
Allow for design and engineering changes
Lower scrap
Reduce accidents
Reduce reworks and repair costs
Reduce returns and restocking costs
Minimize warranty expenses

In addition to reducing failure costs from products or services not conforming to requirements and customer needs, smart quality automation will boost your productivity, business agility, and decision-making with real-time analytics.

How to achieve operational excellence

Define your company’s quality goals and objectives, and then translate your quality goals into quality requirements. Automate your quality processes, uncover inefficiencies, and establish new product processes. Conduct employee training, and create transparency, and standardization built around your company’s needs. Finally, create custom reports for different departments, including an executive dashboard for management. Operational excellence ensures that you’ll meet compliance, deliver high-quality products, and deliver better results for your organization.

The Intellect QMS Suite is a leader in smart quality automation with a highly agile platform to automate your business processes to match your operational needs today and tomorrow. Intellect provides a robust pre-built CAPA application that can help you achieve your CAPA goals and objectives faster and easier than ever before.

Learn more about how the power of smart quality automation can help your organization achieve operational excellence.